How to buy Coca-Cola stock?

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Coca-Cola is the largest beverage manufacturer in the world which was initially formed by John Pemberton back in 1886, who invented coca wine. Coca wine is nothing more than cocaine with wine. Later they had to stop using cocaine due to legislation and switched to coca leaf. In simple words, there is a direct connection between Coca-Cola and cocaine, no surprises that this drink is so addictive. Today the Coca-Cola Company produces more than 500 non-alcoholic cold drink brands, which can be found in almost every country in the world. Coca-Cola alone is selling more than 2 billion servings of beverages a day and they make more than $44.29bn in revenue each year. Interesting fact: only 60% of the income comes from selling actual finished products and 40% from selling their concentrate. If you have heard about one of the legendary investors of our days, Warren Buffet, then you probably know that he is holding largest long-standing investment in Coca-Cola. If a business magnate owns Coca-Cola stock, why shouldn’t you?


Information about Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola Company

Carbonated Soft Drinks, Beverage

Founded 1886
Headquarters USA: Atlanta, Georgia
Stocks ticker KO @ NYSE
Number of shares 4 312 959 416
Return on equity (5 years average) 25.89%

Coca-Cola stocks chart

Coca-Cola shares are traded on the New York stock exchange under the ticker KO.

How to buy Coca-Cola stock?

There are many ways you can buy Coca-Cola shares: Direct Stock Purchase via Computershare Investment Plan, Trading via Online Stock Exchange Broker, Binary Options. What’s the difference between each option? If you buy shares directly via the administrative company of Coca-Cola, then your name will appear in the company’s registrar and you will officially be a shareowner. If you buy shares via your online broker or a bank, then you will be only a “beneficial owner”. If you use binary options to buy Coca-Cola shares, then you don’t become the shareowner, you just get the opportunity to earn on any price difference of the company shares within the specified timescale. There are benefits of using binary options to sell or buy Coca-Cola stock. We have prepared the comparison table.

Direct Stock Purchase Binary Options
Minimum deposit $500 $10
Minimum purchase $50 $1
Purchase Processing Fee (per share) $0.03 None
Account Setup Fee $10 None
Market Order Processing Fee (per share) $0.12 None

Let’s look at the example when you have $1000 to invest into Coca-Cola shares, considering two option. Using direct stock purchase, you would be able to buy only 24 Coca-Cola shares (considering the share price is equal to $41) and you would have to pay $13.6 to the broker for setting up an account and other fees. For example, if you bought 24 shares in January 2015, and sold them in January 2016 you would have earned: ~$32 in dividends and $26.64 from the share price increase over the year. So, you have invested $1000, and would have earned altogether just over $60 in one year. What would happen if you had invested your $1000 into binary options? There are different scenarios, but we will take the simplest one as an example, as with the direct shares purchase. You would be able to buy the CALL option for Coca-Cola shares for all $1000 without spending any money on commission fees. After one year, our prediction that the Coca-Cola share price will go up would have been confirmed, making at least 72% pure profit from the deal, that’s $720. Depending on the chosen binary options broker, the percentage profit from each deal could be up to 91%, so you would definitely earn something in between $720 and $910. Still want to invest $1000 directly via an investment plan, wait for a year and earn less than%6? It’s up to you, but below we will explain where you can buy Coca Cola company shares via the financial instrument called binary options.


Where to buy Coca-Cola shares?

There are more than a thousand binary options brokers in the world who will be happy to provide you with opportunity to buy major companies’ shares, including Coca-Cola. Binary options industry was only founded in 2008 and a lot of new clients get caught in very simple scam programmes. Scam programmes are very often advertised by the brokers themselves, and in order to find the trustful broker you need to check the following: whether broker is regulated by European financial commission (CySEC, FCA), what internet connection encryption does broker website use, read “Terms & Conditions” like you would when setting up a mortgage, check whether trading platform is good and finally read reviews on other websites. We work in the binary options industry already for 4 years, so we don’t only know what companies are legit to work with, but also tested all most popular brokers and have created a list of best brokers on your main page. So, if you have any questions about the brokers and want to know our opinion about where it’s best to buy Coca-Cola stock then drop us a line. Below we have provided short review of TOP 3 brokers, which in our opinion, give the best service of trading binary options in the UK and Europe.


IQ Option is currently one of the best brokers in the UK not only in our eyes, but also recognised by the reputable institutions of our country. Last year Global Brands Magazine presented IQ Option with the “Fastest Growing Brand” award in the binary options industry. Some financial journals and EXPO’s have highlighted that IQ Option have one of the best mobile trading platform as well as an all-around perfect service. We personally like this broker because anyone can start trading with them from as low as £10 with minimum bet of £1 and they have a wide variety of assets available including Coca-Cola stock. Their trading platform is very simple, they accept a lot of payment methods and customer service replies to all of your queries promptly.

24option Coca-Cola Shares

Another broker which we would like to mention is 24option. They are much older than IQ Option, thus more experienced in this industry. There is probably no other broker in the world with the amount of licences as 24option, meaning that the broker tries to comply with laws of every single country they are working in. Also, 24option has sponsorship contracts with one the best UFC fighters, Conor McGregor, and with one of the oldest and most titled football clubs in Italy, FC Juventus. The minimum deposit is a bit higher compared to IQ Option, but still falls below the industry average. Binary options broker 24option has an easy to use trading platform, 111 assets to choose from (including Coca-Cola) and a great education centre if you are a complete beginner in binary options. 24option has a minimum deposit of £250 and minimum bet is £24, and is perfectly suitable for both short-term and long-term investments.


Although we would like to think that you would be impressed by the above brokers, if you fancy something else, there is uTrader which has a big variety of competitions and provides pretty great daily analytics on the assets they provide. uTrader uses SpotOption trading platform, who has been recognised as one of the best on the market from 2013 till now. This broker is not that big, but it still manages to provide high quality service to all of their clients (they have more than 250,000) seven days a week. The minimum deposit is £200 and the minimum option price is £20.

Our recommendations when buying Coca Cola stock

Before buying Coco-Cola company stock, we would be highly recommend you to read the information for investors on their official website: You will be able to find the company’s future plans, past annual reports, company statements as well as any other stock information which will help you to decide whether to buy Coca-Cola shares or not. Always look for patterns when you are analysing the Coca-Cola stock chart. For example, if you buy the CALL option (prediction that price will go UP) Coca-Cola shares with an expiration time of one month straight after their earnings information release, your trades would be profitable in 75% of the cases, which is a really good percentage for binary options. Let’s look at the stock chart starting from the 1st of January 2009:


As you can see, year to year Coca-Cola shares have been growing constantly and for you, as a binary options trader, it doesn’t matter how much they grow as you just need to predict the direction of price movement. We have shown you a pattern example on a 1Year timeframe which is rarely used for trading in binary options, but it is a simple example where you can see that it is not so hard to earn money in trading. You can establish your own way of analyzing the chart and earning money by buying or selling Coca-Cola shares at the right time. Overall we suggest you to work with Coca-Cola stock in the long-term rather than short term.

Also, remember that Coca-Cola shares are traded on New York stock exchange, meaning that you can trade only when NYSE is open, between 14:30 and 21:00 London time (GMT).

Buy or Sell Coca Cola stock?

We can’t tell you exactly what you should be doing with Coca-Cola stock, because we don’t know and no one knows for sure, otherwise every second person on this planet would be a millionaire by now. Nevertheless, there are basic tips on when to buy or sell. For example, actively look for Coca-Cola news, and if they announce job cuts or closure of their restaurants that will most likely mean that their share prices will go down. In addition, it is very good way to open the PUT option (Sell) with your broker just before Coca-Cola announces their quarterly earnings reports. According to financial analysts from Bloomberg during 12 out of the past 13 revenue reports Coca-Cola share price has fallen on a year to year basis. Here is a proofing chart below:


The downward trend is highlighted by more pressure from consumers, who prefer healthier beverages instead of Coca-Cola’s sugary beverages. It is important to highlight that Coca-Cola actively diversifies their risks by investing a lot of money into their healthier brands like Nestea, Powerade, VitaminWater and others, but still, the main source of income remains to be Coca-Cola which is available not only in shops, but also sold in most fast food restaurants across the globe.

I get to do what I like to do every single day of the year

biggest long-term Coca-Cola investor, Warren Buffet

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