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Elijah Oyefeso, along with his consulting company DCT Trading, was one of the most discussed person in 2016 in the UK, among people who wanted to get rich online. Such newspapers as Daily Mail, London Evening Standard, The Tab shared the “success story” of a 21 your old guy, who dropped out of university, left his job at McDonalds in order to start professional trading career in binary options. Elijah Oyefeso was even seen on Channel 4 program called “Rich kids go shopping”, where his shows off his cars, house and shares his stories from life where he doesn’t need to look at the price tags. We decided that we need to investigate his work and assess if DCT trading and founder Elijah Oyefeso are scam or not.


Success Story Analysis

Big newspapers really picked up the news about rich kid making £30,000 on binary options and it actually went viral, and only after around 8 month, same Daily Mail and even Sunday Times posted completely different articles with titles: “Would-be traders lured into losing thousands by Rich Kids web posts”. Even now old posts about Elijah Oyefeso could be easily found, which makes all those newspapers really bad source of any information. We are people who know this industry inside-out and everyone who work in financial industry, either at Stock Exchange or with Forex all know that it was fake and setup! All they did is promote binary options and Elijah himself from a very bright side without any investigation. This worked out to be really bad, because you can really earn money by trading in binary optons, but you have to be very careful as all of your investments could be lost in one go. We always try to compare this industry with sports betting, but instead of sport events you have company stocks, commodities and currency pair.


Exactly as newspaper headline says, “you can’t make millions on binary options”, but you can earn money with trusted brokers like IQ Option, 24option, but not very scammy Banc De Binary or OptionsXO, who work directly DCT Trading company and have an agreement.

About Elijah Oyefeso cars… It’s completely different story, do you even know how much a used Bentley GT Continental costs? Probably less than your actual car. We checked with AutoTraders and you can buy Bentley Continental for around £22,000, it will cost you another £700 to wrap it in gold. Is that actually a lot of money? Not really, Rolls Royce which he shows off now is probably his friends, or he actually bought it after making a good money scamming people through his “educational groups”. People are naive and stupid thinking that it is very easy to earn money online… and people like Elijah live from that. It is your own responsibility to check everything before you actually pay someone money for those trading signals which don’t work or after depositing £200 on some dodgy website. Anyway, his success stories could be easily setup and not once we have heard from him something smart about stock exchange, trading, currency pairs and person who earns a lot on binary options where you need to analyse financial graphs, should know some basics and sound intelligent. That’s not the case with Elijah Oyefeso, but let’s look at his social media profiles.

Elijah Oyefeso Instagram and Twitter

His feed on social media accounts is not that bad, sharing videos of his trading where his average bets are around £1000, but there is no single screenshot of a payout or trading history. Elijahs has more than 28k followers on his Instagram, but we can say that for this account size engagement rates and number of likes are too low. As of his Twitter, then everything is even worse: more than 33k followers, and around 2 likes and couple of retweets per posts. All he does is alert his audience if there are some free spaces available in his trading group and for one second, you have to pay to be added to the groups like that, £107 a month and you will be able to get rich, apparently. Gladly, in twitter there are a lot of exposures on them and a lot of people actually replying with “scam” to prevent other victims from being scammed.


All this story with Elijah Oyefeso reminded us with another one about Robert Mfune, almost same thing. Golden cars, easy money through binary options. Big scam reveal was done by Victor Golovtchenko from Finance Magnates. Here is a link if you are interested: “Did UK Tabloids Get Duped by Binary Options Affiliates?”.

DCT Trading

People are speaking too much about DCT trading which is directly promoted by Elijah. They used some very weird schemes at the beginning. Basically, you had to sign up with a broker Crush Option, which is a big scam broker itself, and trade by the tips provided from DCT Trading. Broker Crush Option charges $5 a week as a maintenance fee and then if you actually earn with the, then you will have to pay additional $42 withdrawal fee + minimum withdrawal is only $500, whereas minimum deposit is $250. So, if you signed up, deposited, and you didn’t like the service then there is no way back.

Now they use a bit different scheme, they work with more famous brokers like Interactive Options, OptionRally and Banc De Binary. You will be added to the special DCT Trading group if you register via a special link they provide and make a minimum deposit. After sending the proof of doing so, they will add you to a WhatsApp chat where they will provide you trading signals. Ehmm, those signals are not good enough and eventually you lose your money. We checked them, only 30% of all bets won, making it impossible to earn money with DCT Trading. Pure scam there is nothing else to talk about…

DCT Trading/Elijah Oyefeso Unhappy Clients

Elijah Oyefeso, Robert Mfune and others are part of the same scam company called DCT Trading, and we researched the web for reviews from people who actually worked with them. Of course, we can’t say that those people are not lying either, but at the end of the day it is completely up to you to decide if DCT trading is a scam or not.


Another one:

review_dct_trading_2And finally, check list for DCT Trading:

  • Is DCT registered with Companies House? NO
  • Does DCT have a registered business address? NO
  • Is DCT registered with the FCA? NO
  • Is DCT a real company? NO, It’s a SCAM.

Please stay away from DCT Trading, JA Wealth, Elijah Oyefeso, Robert Mfune and any other scammers, who use the same approach in fooling people. Binary options is a not a quick get-rich scheme, but risky financial instrument where all of your money can be lost. There are brokers with £10 deposit with free withdrawals and clear terms and conditions, and you can actually earn money there. Here is our latest trading history:


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