How to buy Apple stocks?

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Apple Inc. was founded in 1976 and was primarily focused on developing personal computers. Appearance of the iPhone smartphone completely shook the mobile phones industry, forcing millions of people around the world become loyal fans of the brand. Today Apple produces not only laptops, music players, tablets and smartphones, but smart watches like Apple Watch as well. It is important to know that Apple is among the top next to Facebook and Google with one of the biggest business capitalizations. If in 1997 the cost of Apple’s stocks was only $3 per share, then today they are trending at the price of more than $110 per share. By the end of this article you will not only know where and how to buy Apple stocks, but you will understand that stories like “I’ve bought Apple stocks in 2001 for the price of $1.5 per share instead of buying a new iPod for $499 and today by selling those shares in 2016 I have earned $84750” are completely true.


Information about Apple

Apple Inc. USA

Electronics, Information Technology

Founded 1976
Headquarters USA: Cupertino, California
Stocks ticker AAPL @ NASDAQ
Number of shares 5 388 443 000
Return on equity 37.92%

Apple stocks chart

Apple shares are traded on the American NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker AAPL.

How to buy Apple stocks?

Earning money from buying big companies stocks have never been so easy. In past, a potential buyer would have to find a broker, contact them (usually via a phone), go to their office and sign loads of papers in order to make one single trade. Moreover, that involved high fees: around £100 per trade. Nowadays all you need to do is register online with a prestigious broker which would automatically process your trades via their comfortable and informative trading platform. But, that still involves a fee per each trade, that’s why we found a better way to earn on Apple stocks. It’s Binary Options! Binary options is a financial instrument used to buy or sell stocks, commodities, currency pairs and indices. You still have to find a broker, but there are no trading fees involved. Also, you can start from as small as £10, even though if shares price is much higher (like with Apple). All you do is predict the movement and select the expiration time (when you want your trade to be closed). Expiration time can vary from 30 seconds to years. Easy to use platform provided by the broker helps you to analyse and make decision about the direction of the shares price movement.

How is it possible to buy shares for £10, when they cost £100? Imagine binary options as a financial betting where you don’t really buy any stocks. As if you are not becoming official owner of the stocks, you just make your prediction on the price movement and can earn up to 91% from each bet. Yes, we said it right, up to 91% from each trade, that means even bigger returns in shorter amount of time by trading the same stocks just in different way. Imagine that you bought one Apple stock in 2014 and now you wanted to sell it. You would first need to invest £66 (~ Apple share price in 2014) and pay the fee of around £10 to the broker for processing the trade. Now you wanted to sell it at the price of £106 per share, that means another fee of £10 to the broker. At the end of the day your earnings would be £106-£10-£10-£66=£20. If you would invest around £1000 you would earn £300. Now, let’s what happens if you work with binary options. You invest £10 at 10:00 in the morning and you know that Apple share price will go up, so you select expiration time of 5 hours and wait. At the end of the day share price went up and you have earned £9.1 from your investment. If you would invest £1000 then you would’ve earned £910. That’s 3 times more and million times quicker as you don’t need to wait for years to stock prices to go up.

Where to buy Apple stocks?


There are thousands of brokers out there who are ready to offer you the opportunity to buy and sell Apple stocks. Extra care should be taken when choosing one. Even though financial industry is regulated by several commissions, like FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK, there are still a lot of scam brokers who will try to steal your money by any means and their managers will persuade you to do an unprofitable trade. As we have worked in this industry for more than 4 years we will be happy to share you our opinion on where it is the best to buy Apple stocks with highest percentage income.

One of the best brokers in the UK and Europe is currently IQ Option, who is offering up to 91% income on each trade. Global Brands Magazine, one of the Britain’s most reputable brand observers, awarded IQ Option with “Fastest growing binary options brand” award. They also have one of the best mobile trading platform in the industry and last year have been named as the Most Innovative Trading Platform. You can start trading with them from as low as £10 with minimum bet of £1 and they have wide variety of assets available including Apple stocks.

Second best and the most popular in England is 24option. They have a bit assets than IQ Option, 111 at 24option compared to 92 at IQ Option. Other than that, 24option is using one of the most advanced trading platform provided to them by TechFinancials, who is one of the leaders in the trading software development industry. Trading platform is stable, has big variety of different trading options as well as wide selection of expiration times, which is a big advantage whilst trading long term binary options. The only downside of 24option is pretty high minimum deposit of £250 and minimum bet is £24.

Our recommendations when buying Apple stocks

Every year financial and technological achievements of the most expensive company are impressing every single investor in the world. With the production of technologically advanced electronics which are the best in the industry Apple allows you to earn millions by buying their stocks. You already know how and where to buy Apple stocks; it remains only to decide when you should do it. If your goal is long-term then you can probably buy it any day as Apple stocks are bound to grow. The company constantly invests billions in research and development, launching start-ups and buys other smaller companies to stay on the top of the market.

After 5-10 years, you can significantly increase your initial investment, having earned on the shares of the most famous company in the world. If you want to buy Apple stocks for a short-time, then you will be better off buying their shares just before the release of a new product. Statistics show that after the start of sales of the new iPhone or MacBook shares grow in, because the Apple receives a huge influx of an income. A positive factor contributing towards Apple stocks growth is successful financial reports, net profit of the company and most importantly, the growth of production. All this data can be found on the company’s website under Investor Relations section: Before buying stocks for a short-term you should definitely read the latest company news, familiarize yourself with analysts’ forecasts, find out the release date of the new products and look for any other information that may affect the share price (like bad news about the main competitors).

The share price of Apple stocks depends on the release of new gadgets which causes a constant buzz among users. For example, the start of iPhone 7 sales led to company shares jumping 12% in just a few days before official Apple stores received the smartphones. Also, the record number of pre-orders for the 7th generation iPhone has led to incredible growth of Apple shares on the stock exchange. Therefore, whilst studying Apple stock quotes it useful to correlate them with the new products release dates, as well as track information about sales increase or decline.

Buy or Sell Apple stocks?

To say more about whether you should buy or sell Apple stocks, let’s look at the latest example; the recent scandal of the Samsung smartphone Galaxy Note 7. Autumn 2016, most of the tabloids started writing about the Samsung smartphone recall:

Samsung stopped producing their new Note 7 on September 2 after an internal investigation uncovered a serious battery flaw that was causing some users’ handsets to spontaneously catch fire. On the 9th of September Samsung and CPSC issues “power down and stop use” guidance.

Let us look at Apple share price during the time when news came out:

apple_samsung_recall_stocks*Note that on 16th of September iPhone 7 went on sale in shops

First of all, you can clearly see that in one month Apple stocks continued to grow, so even if you bought a share at the beginning of September you would still be in profit by the end of the month. Same goes for October due to big sales of the iPhone 7.

When trading binary options you are predicting the company share price to either go up (BUY) or down (SELL). We have discussed previously when you should buy Apple stocks, but what about selling them? You should closely follow earning reports and other news connected to Apple if you want to earn with them short-term. For example, in April 2016 Apple have released their revenue report which showed the first decline in quarterly sales since 2003. Guess what happened with the share prices? You are right, they’ve gone down:


Follow the company news, report releases and even rumours, because sometimes leaks of the new Apple products can also be reflected on the share prices.

Example of buying Apple Stocks via 24option broker

  1. First we need to open the official page of the broker with the online trading platform and select Apple (AAPL)apple_stocks_24option
  2. Set the expiration time, type in the investment amount and choose the predicted direction (Up or Down) of the share prices. We picked Buy (UP) as we know that Apple share price will go up.apple_stocks_up_down
  3. Wait for the transaction to reach the expiration time and if your prediction was right, then you get 70% profit.apple_stocks_earnings

Invest your time and money into Apple stocks as you won’t be disappointed with the results!

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