How to buy McDonald’s stock?

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McDonald’s is the biggest fast food restaurant chain in the world and was founded by two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald’s. The very first restaurant was opened in San Bernardino in California and was a typical drive-in of that time, with a carhop service where hamburgers were sold for just 15 dollar cents. A few years later, the McDonald brothers started to use production line principles and that’s how the evolution of McDonald’s began. Most popular American hamburger restaurant came to the UK in 1974. Their first restaurant was opened in Woolwich, London and it is still there. Currently there are more than 1,200 McDonald’s restaurants in the UK alone and about 37,000 Worldwide. Just think about it, McDonald’s serves approximately 72 million customers daily, whilst making $25.41bn in revenue each year, compared to $13.11bn from Yum! Brands Inc. (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell etc.). These numbers are huge. We decided to write an article so that everyone can profit with McDonald’s, and we will be covering how to buy McDonald’s stock in detail as well as where you can buy it.


Information about McDonald’s

McDonald’s Corp.

Quick Service Restaurant

Founded 1940
Headquarters USA: Oak Brook, Illinois
Stocks ticker MCD @ NYSE
Number of shares 853 361 988
Return on equity (5 years average) 39.95%

McDonald’s stocks chart

McDonald’s shares are traded on the American NYSE stock exchange under the ticker MCD.

How to buy McDonald’s stock?

There are many ways how you can buy McDonald’s stock, but considering the fact that the company share price is currently more than 110 US dollars you need a lot of spare money to invest in order to profit from one transaction. Also, remember that the share price goes up and down a lot, and you will profit from investing into big companies like Nike, Apple, Facebook and McDonald’s only in the long-term. For example, if you bought 100 shares of McDonald’s back in 2010, and want to sell them now then your profit would be around $60 per share. Within 6 years, you would be able to sell all your McDonald’s shares for $12,000 and would profit $6,000 (which is pretty realistic, but then you would probably think about diversification of your investment). But don’t forget that each transaction involves commission fees as you can’t go to the stock exchange and buy shares for cash. You have to call your brokerage or use their online service, fill out your details, process the payment and the broker itself will charge you around 1-3% per transaction.


Those are the basics of what we can tell you, but will just add that after all commission fees etc, your pure profit would be around $5000, which is not that bad considering it has been 6 years! $833 a year, making it around 13% per year on the initial investment amount. However, we know how to make even more money by investing into McDonald’s stock. In two words, it’s Binary Options;  a pretty innovative and new financial instrument used by traders all over the world where you can earn up to 91% from each transaction. Sounds great, right? There is one downside from this, you are not actually becoming the owner of the shares of the particular company, you just make a prediction of the price movement, that’s how binary options work. They are completely legal and are controlled by the British Financial Conduct Authority, but involve high risks. It is easier to explain how it works, if we talk about binary options like financial betting as everyone in our country is familiar with betting.


Here is a screenshot of one of the binary options companies (IQ Option) where you can buy or sell McDonald’s stock. Everything is pretty simple: you have to choose the asset (in our case it’s McDonalds), then select the bet amount ($100 for example), then choose the expiration time (18:15 in our case) and finally predict the price movement direction. CALL, if you think that price will go up or PUT, if you think that McDonald’s share price will go down. We knew that the price will go up, so we chose CALL. Here is the result of our trade:


We managed to earn $66 in less than 20 minutes, which is technically equal to someone’s daily earnings.

There are several advantages of binary options which we would like to summarise:

  • Minimum investment is just $10 (even if share price is more than that you will still be able to earn)
  • Expiration time from 60 seconds (you don’t need to wait for years to earn)
  • FREE demo accounts (you can try and predict share prices and see if binary options is something where you could earn money without any risks)
  • Profit up to 91% from each trade (that’s much more than you would be able to earn on stock exchange or Forex)
  • You can trade from home or even on your mobile phone

Where to buy McDonald’s stock?

At the moment, there are thousands of binary options brokers in the world who provide information about major companies’ stock quotes, including McDonald’s. Using their trading platforms you can buy or sell big company shares. Due to the fact that this industry is pretty young there are a lot of scam companies, who disappear after a while with your money or one day their website just stops opening. What should you do to stay safe? Make sure that broker is not blacklisted at one of the European financial commissions like CySEC (Cyprus), FCA (UK) or any other reputable organisation. We are working in this industry for more than 4 years and have experience in trading with each and every broker which is listed on our main page. So, if you have any questions about the brokers and want to know our opinion about where it’s best to buy McDonald’s stock then drop us a line. Below we have provided a short review of the TOP 3 brokers which, in our opinion, give the best service of trading binary options in the UK.


IQ Option is currently one of the best brokers in the UK not only in our eyes, but also recognised by the reputable institutions of our country. Last year Global Brands Magazine presented IQ Option with the “Fastest Growing Brand” award in the binary options industry. Some financial journals and EXPO’s have highlighted that IQ Option have one of the best mobile trading platform as well as an all-around perfect service. We personally like this broker because anyone can start trading with them from as low as £10 with minimum bet of £1 and they have a wide variety of assets available including McDonald’s stock. Their trading platform is very simple, they accept a lot of payment methods and customer service replies to all of your queries promptly.


Another broker which we would like to mention is 24option. They are much older than IQ Option, thus more experienced in this industry. There is probably no other broker in the world with the amount of licences as 24option, meaning that the broker tries to comply with laws of every single country they are working in. Also, 24option has sponsorship contracts with one the best UFC fighters, Conor McGregor, and with one of the oldest and most titled football clubs in Italy, FC Juventus. The minimum deposit is a bit higher compared to IQ Option, but still falls below the industry average. Binary options broker 24option has an easy to use trading platform, 111 assets to choose from (including McDonald’s) and great education centre if you are a complete beginner in binary options. However, be careful because 24option managers can sometimes be a bit too pushy and can often try to persuade you to deposit more than you want and give you some trading analytics, so perhaps refrain from using any of their extra services.


Although we would like to think that you would be impressed by the above brokers, if you fancy something else, there is uTrader which has a big variety of competitions and provides pretty great daily analytics on the assets they provide. uTrader uses SpotOption trading platform, who has been recognised as one of the best on the market from 2013 till now. This broker is not that big, but it still manages to provide high quality service to all of their clients (they have more than 250,000) seven days a week. The minimum deposit is £200 and the minimum option price is £20.

Our recommendations when buying McDonald’s stock.

You already know how and where to buy McDonald’s stock; the only decision that remains is when to start. Latest company financial news are available from the McDonalds Corporation official website: under the tab “Investors”. The most important information for investors is usually announced in quarterly reports and that’s when you should try to earn money by predicting which way the share price will go, up or down. According to historical data taken from the NASDAQ official website after every report, the share price of McDonald’s went down, but prior that there were different case scenarios.


Overall, since April 2016 the McDonalds stock has a downward market trend, and if you are trading long-term (3-6 months) we would suggest you to sell (PUT option) company shares, but if you are trading short-term then you need to analyse the data more closely. Here is an example of the price movement before the quarterly earnings reports of McDonald’s.

Also, remember that McDonald’s shares are traded on New York stock exchange, meaning that you can trade only when NYSE is open, between 14:30 and 21:00 London time (GMT).

Buy or Sell McDonald’s stock?

We can’t tell you exactly what you should be doing with McDonald’s stock, because we don’t know and no one knows for sure, otherwise every second person on this planet would be a millionaire by now. Nevertheless, there are basic tips on when to buy or sell. For example, actively look for McDonald’s news, and if they announce job cuts or closure of their restaurants that will most likely mean that their share prices will go down. Here is an example from year 2015:


For 20 consecutive days McDonalds’ share price was going down, so you had plenty of time to earn your dollar by choosing the PUT options (SELL) with your binary options broker.

Another tip is to analyse competitors’ business as well. The main competitor of McDonald’s is Yum! Brands Inc. (owners of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers (LJS), A&W, Pasta Bravo, Wing Street, and East Dawning). If Yum! is doing badly, then most likely McDonald’s is going to grow, but there could be cases where the economic situation in a particular country could influence both McDonald’s and their competitors . At the moment, Yum! Brands grow much quicker and have overtaken McDonald’s in China for example. There are also Burger King, Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s, who are catching up with McDonald’s locally in some countries, so you can keep an eye out on them as well.  The last two are not really quick service restaurant chains; they are more likely pizza takeaways, but still fast food companies though. Our point is to look out for any news which might positively influence McDonald’s: that’s when you should open CALL options (BUY) with your binary options broker. It’s not that hard, analyse historical data, find patterns and try it out using a demo account to earn money by trading MCD shares!

Forget about saving accounts with 0.80% AER, invest your time and money on binary options with up to 91%* profit from each deal!

*91% profit is subject to a particular broker terms, but usually profitability varies between 65% and 91%.
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