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The Oxford Method is a part of big SCAM network operating all across the world under different names like “The Brit Method”, “The Kiwi Method”, “The Aussie Method” etc., and they all promise hundreds of thousands of pounds if you sign up with their binary options auto trading system. The main guy behind The Oxford Method is Evan Wright, but by the time you read our review he might have changed it, as usually he uses different names, but the same picture. He states that he earned more than 12 million pounds, and shows his Photoshopped screenshot from HSBC bank account, and if it’s true he also lives in Leeds as we do, as LS10 3TP postcode is shown on his bank account statement screenshot. Anyway, we will now try to review The Oxford Method scam scheme in detail.


The Oxford Method – Why Scam?

First of all, we always check for mistakes or inaccuracy, when for example testimonials have male names, but female photos. When we first opened The Oxford Method website, it appeared that they promotional video, which basically welcomes you on their website and which explains in detail what this whole system is about, was unavailable, the video was actually removed from Youtube, due to violation of T&C.


They might reupload the video somewhere else, but it is fact now, that what Evan Wright is saying on this video is a pure lie, and by using it they are trying to steal money from others, that’s why it violates Youtube T&C. In the video of The Oxford Method they show testimonials of people who already used them. We are going to tell you that all those videos are being paid for on such websites like Fiverr, where for $5 person will say anything you want in front of a camera. The acting is very dodgy in the video, and they show the screenshots of “their personal account” with hundreds of thousands of pounds. Do you know how much brokers earn a year? Around 5 million dollars, and tell us, how is it possible for a binary options trader to win more than $100,000 in a year? There are no cases which prove that, we personally have heard about the withdrawal of $10,000 withdrawal from Olymp Trade, but no more than that. So, from the video they use we made several conclusions:

  • People are paid actors
  • Account balances are fake (photoshopped)
  • Evan is using smart psychological methods showing how easy it is to sign up and start earning thousands with the Oxford Method

Let’s skip the video and go down to find out more about “Success Stories” they share, “Live Facebook and Twitter Feeds” as well as “Live Third Party Verified Results”.

In short, everything what’s there is fake, because they only show screenshots stating “Omg, omg. I’m making so much money” and then they write that they have earned around £100k and bought a new RS6 or similar car. They just write that! At least other scam companies show off their expensive cars or money they apparently earned by trading via their trading robot, but here nothing, apart from the text messages, which look fake.

Live Social Media feeds which can’t be scrolled or clicked are a bit weird. There are comments from different people, updating every couple of minutes, but you can’t even check their profile page. The whole feed just looks like Facebook, but has nothing to do with this social network directly. When we were on the Oxford Method website the avatars weren’t even loading. According to Mirror Newspaper which also reviewed this scam offer from Evan, before they had a real-life feed from one of the Facebook pages they run, but all accounts who commented there were working for the same company and had the same cover photo. That tells something about how much you can trust The Oxford Method about what they say. Finally, the “Live Results Feed”, they state it’s verified, but we have no idea who verified them. No information on that, if at least those would be screenshots from the trading platform, but it’s a software which randomly updates the list with different names, bet amounts and currency pairs. They all win! So according to this, no one even lost a penny whilst using The Oxford Method, looks very suspicious as the most successful traders lose from time to time.

The Oxford Method – Conclusion


The Oxford Method along with other “methods” is definitely a scam, which uses automated algorithm with very success rate, so eventually client will lose all of its money. There are no real successful stories, but only reviews that suggest everyone to stay away from such schemes. Finally, we just wanted to understand why would people sign up for such things? You really think that there are easy quick-rich schemes which actually work? If so, every fifth person on this planet would be a millionaire, and moreover why would a professional trader create such cheap website to promote his trading robots, which apparently earns his thousands of pounds daily? If something looks odd, then just walk past it or try to investigate, don’t just signup, deposit and then cry. Hope our review of Oxford Method will save someone their hard-earned money.

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