Binaries are not Binary Options

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A lot of people think that binaries are binary options, but they are not. Binaries as a term is more often used by programmers in nowadays IT industry, not in binary options. Binary means composed of two pieces or two parts and may refer to different things in different worlds of Mathematics, Computing, Science and others. Believing online dictionary word “binaries” was first used in 1340 coming from Latin word “binarius” meaning anything which consists of two things. For example coin has two sides, meaning it could be called binarius. Some dictionaries say that binarius is plural form of binary, but that’s untrue as the meaning is completely different.


For example, in Computing files are called binaries:

  • If they are composed of something not only human-readable text
  • If they are executable, meaning that file contains some other machine code
  • If they consist of code (usually just digital representation of text and data)

Geeks say “When a mobile application is free that is awesome. If it is distributed as binary, that is still awesome. When it is distributed as source that is really awesome”.

Binaries are not really used between traders, but some brokers are starting to use it more often as a type of slang. We agree that it is much easier to say “binaries” rather than “binary options”, but it would be wrong. Same as calling binary options just “options”, you simply can’t do that!

Simplicity of the financial instrument is very connected to the term “binarius”, because in binary options you have only two possible outcomes: win or lose. Same goes to the process of trading with binary options, you can either BUY or SELL the chosen currency or any other stocks. If you want to find more about binary options, then head to the main page of our website. But, if you were searching for “binaries” to find more about programming, you better go back to google and do it again properly 🙂

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