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For you to start off with binary options, you ought to make a real money deposit. There are plenty of binary options brokers in the industry and most of them tend to ask for huge deposits. As a newbie investor, you should not risk a lot of money into the venture. It is wise to start small and gradually grow your investment. With this in mind, you need a binary options minimum deposit broker.

We are here to bring you good news regarding the many minimum deposit brokers out there and how you should manage your money while investing on their platforms. There is no reason for you to start investing huge amounts of your hard earned money even before you are familiar with how binary options work.


Recommended minimum deposit broker

(IQ Option is one of the minimum deposit binary options brokers who allow a minimum deposit of $10 and permit as little as $1 investment per trade).
IQ Option (Minimum deposit $10)

Standard minimum deposits

Binary options brokers require you to deposit real money into your trading accounts in order to purchase contracts on assets you wish to trade.

On average brokers with the minimum deposit amount requirements ask for $100 to $300, but IQ Option allows a deposit of as little as $10. With this kind of deposit money being allowed you will need pretty good money management strategies to prevent you from blowing your trading margins.

Binary options minimum deposit money management

Many traders will ignore money management since they think all that is required to trade in binary options would be the prediction of an asset’s movement. But in the real sense, if you lack discipline in management of your finances, you might end up losing all your money.

There are different money management strategies taken up by traders all over the world but there are two basic parts in this. One of this is taking some and not all the risk and the other is being disciplined and sticking to the money management principles you have set.

One way that you may choose to manage your money would be by setting a given number of trades in a day. You can choose to only have 5 trades per trading session and not more even if the markets abide by your decisions. You should stick to the set number of trades even when they don’t work your way.

After making the minimum binary options deposit, be disciplines and embrace this money management strategy. You should only risk 10% of your deposit per trade and only limit yourself to 2 trades per session. This way you will be in a position to have healthy trading margins.

This article was written in July 2015 and we could really only point out IQ Option as the best binary options broker with low minimum deposit. There is a new broker coming out in UK quite soon, we will keep you updated and maybe refresh this page with time.

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