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In binary options your success partially depends from the platform that you are going to use for trading. Binary options platforms are basically interface where you select assets, pick expiration time and analyse the graph. Most of the brokers use third-party solutions, which means that a lot of brokers have exactly the same trading platform, it’s just the number of the assets and the platform colours could be different. This fact means that some of the brokers are exactly the same inside, but they have different “packaging” by which we pick where to trade and that’s completely wrong. Due to that we have decided to create an article about binary options platforms, where we review the most popular platforms of the industry available on the market in year 2016.


Some users when searching for “binary options platforms” want to receive the list of brokers, so some website actually review brokers, not platform and that’s wrong! Broker can create an attractive name, stunning logo and everything else, but then they go to who is specialising in trading platforms and buys the whole interface from them. So you can read the review of 24option and OptionFair which have exactly the same trading platform, just interface is coloured differently, but no one will ever tell you that on the inside those two companies are exactly the same. Ok, hope you understand what we were trying to achieve, hence it’s time to actually review the most popular binary options platforms.

Trading Platform SpotOption


From all of the available trading platform at the moment, SpotOption is the biggest in the industry. Company was launched in 2009, just one year after binary options officially appeared on Chicago Board Options Exchange. In 2012 SpotOption acquired a licence from Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) to legally provide their services all across Europe and some other countries, which CySEC is covering. At the moment SpotOption is working closely with more than 300 binary options brokers, who use their platform. For a second just imagine that 300 binary options brokers have same trading platform. We can’t even name you 300 brands in binary options industry, but that’s how much brokers have partnership with SpotOption. Among the most popular brokers, who use SpotOption, there are uTrader, BullBinary and eXbino. For brokers it is ideal to partner with SpotOption as they provide very stable trading platform, a lot of assets to work with and mobile application. For traders biggest trading platform developer allows to choose between different binary options types (one touch, turbo-options, social signals and ladder).

SpotOption company is several award winners for the nomination of “Best binary options platform”, starting from 2012 and till todays date. Awards were given at prestigious financial conferences taking place in different part of the worlds, including London, Hong Kong, Moscow and Amsterdam. Those awards mean that SpotOption never stopped improving their platform, hence they are one of the leaders in binary options platforms industry.


Screenshot of SpotOption binary options platform

Design: 7/10

Functionality: 7/10

Number of assets: More than 180

Mobile version: Yes

Brokers: BullBinary, eXbino, uTrader, GOption, Dragon Options and others.

Trading Platform TechFinancials


TechFinancials are as well one of the oldest binary options software providers, who started their journey in 2009. It is the only company providing technical solutions in binary options industry who has their stocks on London Stock Exchange. You can find them under the symbol “TECH”. Software provider TechFinancials is working with brokers from all other the world, so they know this industry inside out at every point of the planet Earth. Nevertheless, their software is used by the biggest and best brokers out there (for example, 24option). Techfinancials trading platform is very easy to use, has a big variety of trading assets and very comfortable graph for analytical purposes. With TechFinancials broker can provide traders with classical binary options high/low, as well as touch and border options.

Techfinancials has a bit less awards that SpotOption, but their website looks much better and awards are collected by their partner-brokers, who use their platform. Without a high quality trading platform, no broker would be able to ever get any awards, so that’s saying something about Techfinancials. Another advantage of their solution is that platform could be easily adapted for any region, as platform is already translated into different languages.


Design: 7/10

Functionality: 7/10

Number of assets: More than 140

Mobile version: Yes

Brokers: 24option, OptionFair, Boss Capital and others.

Trading platform Tradologic


Another pretty big company, who is providing the most innovative solutions for anyone interested in opening their own brokerage firm. Tradologic has a very good platform, which could be easily adapted for any client, as it has many templates and could be localized for particular country in seconds. From the first glance it is really hard to tell who is the actual software provider, even though all Tradologic platforms have same functionality, it’s just the colour of the interface as well as position of some action windows is different. Company produced their first binary options platform back in 2008, when they opened the office in Bulgaria. At the moment Tradologic has other office all over the world including United Kingdom, Israel, China, Russia and Japan. Tradologic is also a holder of several international financial licences, such as CySEC, MiFid, IFSA, JFSA, LGA and GSC, which means that brokers can provide their services at any country in the world if they use Tradologic platform. Company has received several awards as the most dynamic platform in the industry. Speaking about the trading platform itself then it has 10 different options for trader: classical Up/Down, touch, border, Touch Up/Down, Over/Under, Binary 100, turbo-options, accumulator options, matrix and ladder. Apart from that traders can use additional instruments such as: bet insurance, expiration time extension, trade closure before the expiration, double your bet and changing the strike price in an open bet. The interface is very informative and traders can easily analyse their trade with usage of different graphs which helps to visually rate the overall trading.


Screenshot of Tradologic binary options platform

Design: 8/10

Functionality: 9/10

Number of assets: More than 100

Mobile version: Yes

Brokers: OptionBit, OptionStars, Migesco and others.

Trading platform MarketsPulse


MarketsPulse as many other software providers has started their business back in 2008, when there was record number of new brokers opening every month. At the moment MarketsPulse is very popular platform amongst the biggest brokers, which are targeting mainly Asian market, but they are not really active in Europe. For example, there are two brands like HighLow, which the biggest broker in Australia and ETX Capital which is number one in Asia, so both of the use MarketsPulse as the trading platform for their clients. Thus we can be sure that managers of MarketsPulse know perfectly how to work in Asian and Australian markets. Considering that, we might see one of their partner brokers conquering the European market. At the moment broker FXChoice is one of them, which was launched in 2014, and offers its services to British citizens as well. MarketsPulse trading platform is very informative and comfortable in use without any big amount of data which could drift you away whilst trading. MarketsPulse doesn’t have a fancy design, they love simplicity, minimalist and high percentage payouts! What else trader needs? MarketsPulse has unique features at their platform, for example, traders can open super turpo-options with expiration time of 15 or 30 seconds. Similar to Tradologic all brokers offer 10 types of different options to trade with. In addition, payouts for some of the assets reach 100% – we haven’t see that on any other platform, which means that MarketsPulse is not only trying to be innovative, but also offers some exclusive features for their clients.


Screenshot of MarketsPulse binary options platform

Design: 8/10

Functionality: 9/10

Number of assets: More than 80

Mobile version: Yes

Brokers: HighLow, ETX Capital, FXChoice and others.

Trading platform O-Systems


O-Systems is pretty new Cyprus company who develops trading platforms for binary options, has partnership with more than 40 brokers around the worlds and provides full brokerage solutions on very professional level. It can’t be said that trading platform is somehow unique, as it has simple design, but very colourful with a lot of options for traders.  O-Systems is trying to use only the latest technologies, so that their trading platform is fully written in HTML5, which means that it works in every browser on every mobile platform. As a company they cooperate with brokers from USA, which is pretty unique for software providers, as binary options are illegal in states as such. Only Nadex is used for trading binary options with all other brokers blacklisted by CFTC commission. O-Systems trading platform has social trading as standard allowing beginners to follow more experienced traders and copy their trades.


Screenshot of O-Systems binary options platform

Design: 5/10

Functionality: 6/10

Number of assets: More than 120

Mobile version: Yes

Brokers:  BFOption, MyBOption and others.

Trading platform TradeSmarter


Tradesmarter started its work in binary options industry in year 2008, offering complete solution for launching a broker in this industry. The best programmers work in this company, which allows them to have a very great product for this market, providing the service which client wants. Tradesmarter trading platform has five different type of options available and very simple way of trading classical binary options with one click. Platform is very customisable and written in HTML5 which means, that traders can use their mobile devices for trading without the need of preinstalling some additional apps. TradeSmarter allows traders to close the deals before the expiration time, extend the expiration for an open bet or double the bet. This functionality is nothing more than any other software providers offer, but TradeSmarter can be responsible for all of the technical side for the broker, including payment systems and affiliate programme. So if you would like to launch your own broker, then you would only need good customer support team and marketing department.


Screenshot of TradeSmarter platform

Design: 7/10

Functionality: 6/10

Number of assets: More than 100

Mobile version: Yes

Brokers: Vospari, 8Binary and others.

Trading Platform AirSoft


Founded in 2012 AirSoft company offers pretty interesting solutions in binary options industry. Platform is informative with a big variety of trading instruments and with 4 types of graph representation. We were impressed to see the percentage payouts for some assets reaching 94%, where industry average lays somewhere in between 85-92%. Design of the platform reminds a bit of TechFinancials, but looks a bit outdated. AirSoft has the needed CySEC licence to comply with EU regulations, but the website of the company has very limited amount of information which we would be able to share with you.


Screenshot of AirSoft binary options platform

Design: 5/10

Functionality: 5/10

Number of assets: More than 150

Mobile version: Yes

Brokers: PrimeBrokerz, BuzzTrade and others.

Trading Platform KeyStone


KeyStone is a relatively big binary options software provider, which works with 20 brokers from different countries of the world. Apart from the trading platform they offer some other brokerage solutions for binary options and Forex. KeyStone has developed several CRM systems, affiliate programme and other management backend solutions for brokers. Through KeyStone trading platform client is able to make bets with expiration from 60 seconds to 1 year, which is a big advantage compared to other trading platforms. Company has also managed to present a completely unique product called ProOption, which slightly reminds of MetaTrader4 trading platform (used by many Forex traders). ProOption gives a lot of analytical opportunities for trader, but at the moment it lacks the option of adding your own indicators (but about 40 pre-set indicators are available by default). Trading platform is fully customisable for the broker needs: language, interface colour, number of assets, payout percentage etc. Traders on the other hand can close the bets before the expiration (cash in), extend it or double it even if trade is already active.


Screenshot of KeyStone binary options platform

Design: 5/10

Functionality: 7/10

Number of assets: More than 100

Mobile version: Yes

Brokers: TopOption and others.

To end with we wanted to say that binary options platforms could be completely different, but the principle they work by and usually the interface is pretty much similar. When choosing the right platform for trading you should pay attention to the percentage payout, number of assets and the types of options provided by the broker. Also, in some cases you can add indicators or change the graph representation on the platform which could be really helpful. If you want to open your own broker company then all listed platform developers in this article have EU licence, which means that you can provide your services throughout the Europe without any consents.

Binary options are not available to retail EU traders. If you are not a professional trader, please leave this page.

Binary Options trading involves high risks which may not be suitable for every person. Never invest money which you can’t afford to lose and make sure you familiarise yourself with the basics of binary options before you start. is not responsible for any losses, as all our pages should be used for informational purposes only.

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